Turismo La Plata assures you the transport ( La plata- Mundo Marino , Mundo Marino-La Plata) and gives the confort people need in order to enjoy being in a marvelous place a whole day. This package also includes the entrance to the thematic park. Come, Mundo Marino is waiting for you!

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Situated at San Clemente del Tuy˙, MUNDO MARINO is one of the most important entertainment centers in Argentina, the first thematic park installed in our country and the biggest oceanarium in South America. Some of its principals attractions are:

-Sea Stadium- A show of grampus and dolphins where the trainers show how they communicate with the grampus and dolphins using for that games, awards and pampering.

-Seal Stadium- In that unique stadium you will meet seals and sea lions who present "Five Stars Hotel". Nice seals are in charged of attending their guests while they make antics and show its abilities.

-Colony of Penguin- Here the visitors may observe a reproductive colony of penguins into a recreation of its natural habitat.

-Safari- The only one in Argentina, Safari is an expedition guided to the wild natural world where  visitors will discover how the animals, plants and the environment are connected in order to form a rustic habitat.

 Services-The park provides services such as lockers, trolleys, first aid rooms, public telephones, etc.

Restaurants-Visitors will find diverse areas destined to gastronomy where traditional dishes and fast food are offered.