Isla Martín García 


Turismo La Plata assures you the transport (La Plata- Isla Martín garcía, Isla Martín García- La Plata) and gives the confort people need in order to enjoy being in a great place a whole day. This package also includes lunch and a aperitif for the the visitors.


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Situated at the outfall of Paraná and Uruguay rivers and just 33.5 kilometers from the fluvial port of Tigre, the island is one of the most interesting ecotouristic proposal at the surroundings of Buenos Aires.

The island was originated 1800 millions of years ago as an ensamble of solid rocks. It was discovered in 1510 by Don Juan Diaz de Solis who gave the name "Martín García" to the island in honor to a died mate that was burried in that place. For its strategic position the island was coveted for Frenchmen, Englishmen, Spanishmen and Portugueses up to 1850 when it started to be object of quarrel between Uruguayan and Argentines. In 1958 was declareded a Historical Place. Finally, in 1973 was firmed La Plata Accord and the island began to form part of Buenos Aires Province being declared Natural Provincial Reserve for the conservation of its autochthonous flora and fauna.

The island preserve a patrimony and offers interesting ecotouristic proposal. The number of species that in the island inhabit is huge: more than 250 species of birds and 123 of butterflies. Also there are tortoise, herons and lizards  all species living into an incredible vegetation.

Actually reside in the island 130 permanent residents, but the history made it famous as an strategic militar settlement and as a prision for presidents. At present, much of its more notorious constructions survive and attract to more than 40000 tourists each year.